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Our Services

Our award-winning stockbroking business is made up of a diverse team of professionals whose expertise in managing stocks and shares is second to none – but who want to do things differently. The independent and creative Bartertown Group offers a client-centric, tailored approach to our products and services, providing you with the best all-round experience you could ask for when investing.

Private Investors

Supporting individuals to find suitable products for all types of investment strategies.


Helping the great work of financial advisors, wealth management consultancies, and family estates.

Corporate Clients

Maintaining a wide variety of business investment needs and financial planning.

About Us

Bartertown Group Ltd began as the brainchild of CEO Zeta Pappagallo one night in April 2011. They wanted a new kind of experience for investors, one without condescending tie-wearers and arduous meetings. Pappagallo imagined an independent, thriving community of like-minded professionals.

By 2013, that dream had become a reality. Joined by three investment managers from a number of world-renowned firms, Bartertown began its first tentative steps in a cut-throat financial world. The hard work paid off as the company grew through word of mouth alone for its first handful of clients – a list that now boasts over 500 delighted investors globally.

Since our launch in late 2012, we’ve won a number of awards for our creative and independent endeavors in the stockbroking world.

Our Team

We are world-renowned for our amazing team that isn’t scared to be different.

Zeta Pappagallo


Zeta worked on the infamous Wall Street for almost two decades before deciding a more independent, thoughtful workplace was the way to go. The founder of Bartertown Group, Zeta’s vision of providing a client-focused, tailored experience for investors has not gone unnoticed; in 2018 they were ranked #8 in TrustFeed’s Top Rated CEOs in stockbroking globally.

Max Miller

Managing Director

Max brought a level of finesse to the Bartertown team when he joined in 2016, and continues to deliver excellence each and every day. Max’s career has spanned from retail to catering to finance and the arts, making a well-rounded individual who’s not afraid of getting stuck into the nitty gritty of stockbroking.

Jessie Burns

Office Manager

Jessie heads up the inner workings of Bartertown. After leaving the finance sector in 2011 to find a more fulfilling role, they have been the lifeblood of the organisation since day dot, overseeing the daily operations and keeping all the cogs running smoothly.

Lee Angharad

HR Manager

Bartertown Group would be nothing without its independent values and fulfilled team. Lee keeps our culture alive by organising workshops, talks, and socials to improve our strength and efficiency as a team. What’s more, Lee’s door is always open if you need a chat or a cup of tea!

Riley Masters

Accounts Manager

After graduating top of the Economics year group at Stanford University, Riley went on to build a highly prestigious career in investment banking and wealth management, blazing a trail in the sector. A perfect fit for the out of the box nature of Bartertown, Riley joined in 2015 and continues to blow us away.

Mel Sarse

Investment Advisor

Mel is the latest in the Investment Advisor troop, having joined Bartertown at the start of 2020. Before us, they worked their financial strategy magic in the Bitcoin and artificial intelligence fields, so they really knows their stuff when it comes to investment in the digital realm.

Pascale Cundalini

Investment Advisor

Pascale is the backbone of the advisory department, with nothing but commendations from everyone they meet. What’s more, if you fancy a chat about something other than investing, Pascale would be happy to tell you one of the many anecdotes from their time on the Olympic water polo team.

Gibb Zanetti

Investment Advisor

Gibb is a natural people-person, making their priceless work advising private investors all the more fulfilling. As well as heading up the LGBTQ+ committee of Bartertown, Gibb owns the world record for most hotdogs eaten in 5 minutes, and if that isn’t something to shout about, we don’t know what is.

Our Clients

Our clients include a range of investors, from international business moguls to twenty-somethings unsure about what to do with their nest egg. We work with all walks of life and believe that everyone should be able to invest their money the way they want to, regardless of background or status.

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